JAIRUS B. // the co-founder of Project Dystopia and Theorem Records and Founder of Normal Factor Design. EDM Producer, Graphic Designer, Video Editor, Website Coder, Tech Guy.
SKYEMUSIQUE // the founder of Project Dystopia. multi-genre producer and vocalist.  STANDALONE SITE, OPENS IN NEW TAB.
RAIRIKU // The third member of Project Dystopia. J-EDM Producer. STANDALONE SITE, OPENS IN NEW TAB.


NORMAL THEORY DESIGN // The design group founded by Jairus B. It is a design group based on Y2K maximalist minimalism and abstract 3d rendering. Inspired by Arte Et Labore and Y2K Aesthetics. STANDALONE SITE, OPENS IN NEW TAB.

THEOREM RECORDS // A record label founded by SkyeMusique. It is focused on EDM-based genres. The publisher of all Project Dystopia albums and EPs.


LINKS // It's links. What did you expect? Well guess what, my HTML CODING IS HONEST AND IT IS OBFUSCATED TO THE THIRD DEGREE-

BUTTONS // Some buttons made by fellow creators, friends, and from various places on the net. Feel free to submit some!

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